We asked John for his thoughts on the secret to life and he replied, “I can’t tell you, because then it wouldn’t be a secret, but putting Jesus first in all of your decisions is a fail proof way to keep going strong.” John, an Eastern NC native, believes that a sense of humor is a gift from God and really enjoys seeing people smile. As a licensed minister, John has pastored a church and currently volunteers for a local Christian addiction recovery group to bring them hope. John is an entrepreneur, owning a couple of small businesses, including a DJ Service. Somewhere amidst the chaos of life, John met his beautiful wife Charlotte (he calls her “Ms Charlotte”) to join him on the journey.  They are still celebrating over 23 years of marriage with 3 kids (Samantha, Scott, and Jake) a daughter-in-law (another Samantha) and a new grandbaby (Joey).  John says, “God has blessed me in so many ways. I want others to see Jesus in my life and to know that even when life gets crazy, God always has their best interest at hand. Never stop trusting Him with the hard stuff and whenever possible, try to laugh at the rest.”