Kinzie is an Eastern NC native.  She loves this wonderful area and has no desire to leave!

She has a kind and loving heart, and is always excited to share that kindness with everyone she sees.  Being blessed with a servant’s heart, she has a special love for helping children.

As a mother of two boys, ages 14 and under a year and once being a child herself, she understands that it is important to give them a strong foundation, in life and in the Lord. Kinzie enjoys a simple and full life of needle crafts, cross stitch and crochet, and enjoys collecting a wide variety of things ranging from tea cups and saucers to monopoly games.

When asked about her journey to radio Kinzie said, “All teenagers dream of being on the radio! But, I had never dreamt this is where my path would take me. If you had asked me as a child what I wanted to become, I wouldn’t have hesitated to say a teacher.”  After obtaining an Associates Degree in Web/Graphic Design, she found a job working at a radio station doing just that.  “I was so excited when they said I might be asked me record a commercial every now and then, and when my older son heard me on the air for the first time, he was thrilled!”  With her bubbly personality and love of learning new things, Kinzie began taking on more responsibilities at the station.  “I was the first one to volunteer to learn how to do a new job, or to take on responsibilities. My mom, being a single mother, always explained the importance of knowledge.  Michael, my older brother, always stressed the importance of always being the best me, and doing the best job I could possibly do. He would say, “I don’t care if you spend your life as a ditch digger, but you better be the best dag-on ditch digger there ever was!”  She explained, “I now find myself digging the trenches for the strong foundation that is to become 92.7 The Beacon.“ When asked two things that people wouldn’t know about her, she replied “As a child I had a Cabbage Patch doll named Kinzie, my mom even made us matching dresses.  And I am a Certified Phlebotomist!”


“I was born during a blizzard and had something called blue mouth. Dad had to leave me at the hospital and sale the furniture to raise enough money to bring me home. On the way home, I flew from moms lap and hit the windshield when dad totaled the Plymouth. The next thing I remember, was being hired as a DJ for The Beacon.” –John May Okay, so there has been a lot of other fun stuff along John’s journey between the first few days of his life and now. About 22 years ago, he met this wonderful, beautiful gal, Ms. Charlotte, and married her. They are still laughing and still trying to raise 3 kids (although 2 were supposed to be adults by now.) John has been self-employed most of his life and brave enough to own his own business. He has always had a passion for music and has been blessed to be a DJ and entertainer for weddings, parties, and other fun events from teenage years to present. God called John into ministry in 2008. Since then “Pastor John” has obtained his ministry license, pastored a church, helped start ministries, met some of the best people in the world, and life has gotten funner every day. John says, “The Bible is serious business, other than that, everything else is game for laughter.”